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DJs have a hourly rate of $36.50 (PayScale.com)

DJs make a median salary of $60-80,000 a year (PayScale.com)

According to trusted research by PayScale.com - DJs make $36.50 per hour and up to $80,000 per year in salary. These numbers can only grow the more Disc Jockeys you add to your company. It's no wonder so many people want to become DJs today.
DJs are at an all time high in demand!

What DJs are we talking about here?

All DJs have three basic things in common.

  • Have a passion for performing music
  • Know know a lot of great music. (an amount of songs that would seem "weird" to any normal person)
  • Are dedicated to the art and craft of DJing. (kind of like Picasso with painting)

But the one difference between the ones who are PAID to DJ is that they know how to MARKET themselves.

Now - if you are reading this... you are most likely a DJ, but ask yourself...
"Are you Making What you want as a DJ?"
If the answer is no, then I think what you see below will blow your mind.

Spencer Williams MDJT Graduate

"The course was fantastic, well laid-out, thorough, and jam-packed with actionable content and strategies. Best of all, what you teach produces results immediately."

Brian Hertz MDJT Graduate

"So glad I took this class. I didn't think it would work for me but I set a goal of getting enough to pay for all my equipment and I surpassed it!"

Josh Calderon MDJT Graduate

"Shri's strategies work. The moment I started implementing them, I started seeing results."

Amy Holland MDJT Graduate

"Marketing for Djs really brought me up to speed on the new age of marketing. All organized and easy to understand."

Dear Fellow DJ, As You Know:

Just as anyone can paint a bedroom. Anyone can pick music off a play list.

But it takes a special person to make the Mona Lisa. Just like it takes a special person to DJ.

Even more importantly - it takes experience and knowledge to make a career as a DJ.

Now you can buy some equipment and start off by doing 1 or 2 parties - here or there. Along the way, you will find out what works and doesn't work in running your business and getting more events.

Many DJs, including myself, started this way. I would call extended family, friends and nag them to book me. I've handed out flyers, mailed houses with DJ brochures, and even played so many free events for publicity its scary.

After I started getting more consistent parties - I even paid for advertisements, went to DJ expos and got more marketing books than I can count on my two hands.

I found that - each of them gave me pieces to the bigger puzzle of DJ Success. But I could not find one single place to get all of the best and important information.

Where could I go - to find everything I needed help with?

My problem was- a lot of the materials out there - didn't feel REAL in my world. Many of the books or seminars weren't taught by actual DJs.

Some of them may be finance or marketing gurus elsewhere - BUT none of them knew about our music business.

Now after over a decade of "figuring DJ success out" I know exactly the blueprint to build another business.
Without any of the expensive mistakes I made!

For those DJs who do not have time or money to waste,
I have combined all of the information I gathered from my experience, and other experts in the field.

Your DJ Coach

Hi, my name is DJ Shri

I am the founder of Mobile DJ Tips. I have not only have created my own successful mobile DJ businesses but am now a consultantant for companies which perform 200+ events per year. I only tell you this information, not to brag but humbly share that my success was not easy. It took me way too long to get where I am now!

"I believe that great DJs can change people's lives- through the music we play and we experiences we create." - DJ Shri

Mobile DJ Tips was started by a group of disc jockeys who wanted to help new and existing DJs find the most useful, REAL information on how to improve their businesses. Our mission is to give the best resources to DJs so they can share their passion with more people!

You can figure it out yourself -
all you need is lots of time and money

Or you can take one class and learn everything you need to know


The Marketing for DJs Master Class.
All of the information I have compiled from over a decade of experience and talking to experts in the field compiled in one organized and simplified marketing method.

January 2016 Screenshot After Completion

December 2015 Screenshot after completing this course.


I spill the secrets of the bigger companies in this course. And then I explain exactly how you can customize it for where you DJ.

Marketing for DJs Master class has compiled expert information from strategies used by ACTUAL DJ COMPANIES in 2016. This is updated marketing information not available anywhere else.

The class is broken down in two major parts. The first part of the class covers everything everything DJs need to know about building an amazing brand. Specifically, we focus heavily building a professional brand in today's online world.

The Second Part of ther class focuses on leveraging your brand to give you a complete walkthrough on how to book more events.

REAL information by REAL DJs. I guarantee that after this course you will be years ahead of any of your competition.

"Easy Step-by Step Tutorials on how to Master the DJ Business". We take ordinary hard topics, like building a website, and make it easier than you can even imagine. No extra knowledge of computers is required.

All you need to do all of these modules is a laptop,a pair of headphones, and a few hours that will change your life.

This class is broken down into Two Parts. I guarantee that after implementing these strategies you will be booking more events!

Part 1 - Brand Your Business. Be Different Than the Competition

Module #1: The Simple Way to a Professional Logo

In this video I share the lesser known Resource that will change the way you do Business and marketing.

Module #2: Making a Business Card

Even if you have a card, you'll learn how to make it even better for getting more calls.

Module #3: Professional Websites Made Easy

No coding or programming needed. See the side picture for the finished product.

Module #4: Creating a Professional Email

Have a professional email address with your website name is like having a virtual "office" to talk to clients.

Part 2 - The DJ's Blueprint to Successful Networking and Marketing

Module #5: Selling from Scratch

Yes - you read that right. Selling is not a talent and you will learn the core skills to book every call you get!

Module #6: Best of the Best

You will learn the secret marketing strategy used by DJ companies doing over 200+ events a year.

Module #7: Overnight Social Media Domination

Learn the easiest way to manage your social media to get real clients noticing your brand.

Module #8: DJ Reviews Made Easy

In this tutorial we go over how to maximize your growth by streamlining your review process.

Module #9: Advertising on Google Simplified

Learn the effective way to setting up your advertising campaigns.

Module #10: Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Learn how exactly the big guys are growing a new client base through advertising.

Customized for your Needs. Priced for your Success.

Basic Course Package

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  • Basic Course Includes:
  • Complete Two Part Marketing For DJs Course
  • Downloadable Course Content
  • Email Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I need to take this class?

A laptop. A pair of headphones. And a few hours for success.

How Fast Can I take the Class?

After purchasing you will be able to download the full class including 12 total video tutorials. It's yours to own forever. You can watch these at your own pace.

Do I Need any Computer Skills?

Nope. This class is made for DJs not computer geeks.

When Can I start the class?

After you choose a course, you will be immediately sent an email with instructions on how to download.

Is the class worth it?

Don't take our word for it. Scroll up and down this page to see all the success our previous students have had

What's in the DJ Power Pack?

The DJ Power Pack includes all of the professional documents you can send to all of your clients to successfully prepare for the party. It includes a Agenda Planner, Song Request Form, and a lawyer reviewed DJ Contract.

Can I ask anything in the Consultation Call?

Yes. Shri has over a decade of industry knowledge to customize to your business.

Whats included in the class?

The class is broken into two parts. Please scroll up to see details.

Can I just buy parts of the class?

No because each class module builds upon the previous video. Watching a single video here or there wouldn't accomplish the marketing goals you want to achieve.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit card companies. You can also email us a youtube video explaining why you need this course and can't afford it. Make sure the video is public so we can watch it before making a decision to give you a free pass.